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Cum Christo Weekends

Next Cum Christo Weekends:

Men's Weekend Dates:  To-Be-Determined       Rector:  Lee Wegmann  989-1168


Women's Weekend Dates:  To-Be-Determined  Rectora:   Jody Reed  489-3451

                             Theme "Behold God's Amazing Grace"                                                                                                         

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Other contacts:

     Mark Brodhead:   406-488-6331

     Tom Ihde:             406-482-5878


Ultreya - Sidney

     Ultreya is the gathering of people who have made a Cum Christo Weekend to share their walk with Christ, through music, prayer, witness talks and sharing and encouraging of each other.

Monthly Ultreya is held at 7:00pm on the 2nd Tuesday

held at St. Mathew's Parish Center in the Rollo Room.