What is a Cum Christo?

     Big Sky Cum Christo is a Roman Catholic movement (an outgrowth of the Cursillo movement in the Diocese of Billings - Great Falls).  The weekend is an encounter with Christ.  That sounds too simple but it's not.  Think about it, a real meeting with Christ.  If that is understood then the power, beauty, and joy of the Cum Christo Weekend will be understood.

     A Cum Christo can be made only once in a lifetime, therefore it is not a substitute for a retreat.  The weekend provides participants with an opportunity to set aside their worldly activities and to focus on their relationship with God and His church.  The weekend begins on Thursday evening and concludes on Sunday evening after mass.

     The specific goal of Cum Christo is to strength the leadership of the laity in the work of the Catholic Diocese of Great Falls-Billings.

Bishop Michael W. Warfel


     When Jesus and His message reach the hearts of minds of people, they can be changed forever.  This is true evangelization, and any movement that accomplishes this has my blessings,  It is clear to me that the positive effects of Cum Christo in this diocese are invaluable in fulfilling the pastoral plan to evangelize.

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Witness on Cursillo/Cum Christo?